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If you have good aptitude and interpersonal skills and have a desire to help others you can choose Pharmacy as your career. Pharmacists are vital for the primary health care system all around the world. The minimum requirement to become a registered pharmacist in India is D. Pharm/ B. Pharm.



Pharmacy is a reputed field and also a reliable one where students can avail ample job opportunities available to them. Here is a List of career options and future prospects available to graduates of B.Pharma in India:

Drug inspector in Government Sector

Food inspector Government Sector

Researcher Government/Private Sector

Analyst Government/Private Sector

Pharmacist Government/Private Sector

Government/ Defence sector

Pharma consultant

Public testing lab

Pharmaceutical firms

Faculty in a pharmacy college

Pharmaceutical marketing

Formulation development (f & d) associate

Pursue M.Pharm or MBA



A wide range of careers await those who have completed Diploma in Pharmacy course in both the private and public sectors.

There are a large number of job opportunities for students in this field. Pharmacy Diploma holders are hired in many different sectors of the industry such as Health centers, pharmaceuticals firms, chemist shops, research agencies, hospitals etc.

Pharmacist in a Government/ Private hospital.

Drug inspector or pharmacist in government sector.

Open a medicine retail shop.

Work at a pharmacy store.

Work in a drug manufacturing company.

Work in the education sector.

Pursue higher studies, that is, B.Pharma

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